Wednesday, May 31, 2006

That's Entertainment???

[posted by dinah]

It took me a while to figure this out, from the headline, Mental health chiefs blast 'dangerous' Big Brother, I somehow thought "Big Brother" referred to one of those altruistic organizations where men adopt fatherless boys to nurture and mentor. Finally, in my Pop-Culture Deprivation state, I figured out that Big Brother is a reality show where they throw a bunch of people into a house together and stick 'em on TV so people can watch them bitch at each other about who left the dishes in the sink. Or so I imagined.

Not this show.

"Sam Brodie, a pre-operative transsexual, is thought to have mental health issues," notes The Daily Mail. "Sam, 18, has already told housemates: "'I'm the most paranoid person ever.' " The article goes on to report, "Sam is among a host of vulnerable contestants put into the house.
Shahbaz threatened to kill himself live on television before quitting the show, Lea has tried to commit suicide and has undergone extensive plastic surgery because she was unhappy with her appearance, Nikki has suffered anorexia and Pete has Tourette's Syndrome. "

Since I get paid to listen to such stories, I just can't fathom how anyone else might enjoy watching this for entertainment. Here in America, we'd never stand for such things.

Okay, I'm off to clear the sink before the cameras arrive...