Tuesday, July 25, 2006

[Roy] God as a natural phenomenon

Dan Dennett spoke in February at the TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment, & Design Conference) about he idea that the concept of God and spirituality is a byproduct of human evolution. It's about 20 minutes and is worth listening to.

It made me think more about the previous discussion about how one accepts or rejects responsibility over one's behavior based on knowledge of one's genetic code. This talk had me thinking about how some do "God's will" unquestioningly, as in "It's not my fault I blew up the abortion clinic" ... while others do good will while being atheists. Have a listen.

Also on the TED blog is a speech by Al Gore on global warming and a hilarious talk by Sir Ken Robinson on how children are taught to stop being creative early on. On University Professors: "They look upon the bodies as a means of transport for their heads... It's a way of getting their heads to meetings. "