Saturday, August 12, 2006

Frizzled and Frazzled

I've been thinking that as a blog, we've regressed, moved out of the at-least-half-serious-about-psychiatry mode, and into personal ramblings, issues with logos and ducks and the like. It's August, though, and convention would dictate that the three of us should be lounging on the beach in Cape Cod (now there would be an idea for a bloggers meeting!), so maybe this is our 'vacation.' Of course, having thought this, I signed on to find ClinkShrink's very serious post called Undisclosed Locations regarding the ramifications of providing psychiatric care to illegal alien/person-of-interest-detainees. ClinkShrink never was much for vacations.

It's been a hot, humid summer here in Charm City: not conducive at all to Good Hair.
Among other things --The Blog and Gourmet Cooking, to name a few--, I've been obsessing about my hair these past few weeks. Lots of chemicals and processes, and with the most recent color change two days ago, my son announced, "It's not purple anymore!" It was never purple. Okay, he conceded, maroon. It was never maroon.

So a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor wandered into my kitchen, uninvited (she was visiting Max, which he wants) and asked how my hair was doing. Who asks such things? "Not good in this humidity," I replied. In other words, I know it looks awful, I never asked your opinion, and isn't it time for you to go home now?? Neighbor then proceeded to discuss just how much she didn't like the current style, wrong length and it hides my pretty face. Gee Thanks. Really, it's time for you to go home now.

Things have improved. I got it cut. I stopped trying to subdue it with gel (a lesson here for Foo?), got rid of all that purple, and today is crisp with little humidity, a gorgeous Baltimore day. My hair now has a texture that resembles hair.

So imagine my delight when I saw that Shiny Happy Person had written a post correlating good hair with good mood! Talk about connection and resonance! A woman who understands me at last! ClinkShrink doesn't do hair chemicals. If Roy does, he doesn't discuss it with me. I then noticed that FooFoo5 was also posting about his Hair and how he looks like a scruffy homeless person! (I learn something new everyday). I've given in to the logo, so I might as well go with the flow of Psychiatrists blogging about their hair. It's August.

So, Roy, you've been rather quiet; want to talk about your do? (now spelled correctly)

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