Friday, September 22, 2006

ClinkShrink's Day Off

Oh Yeah....

Where to begin, where to begin...

I'm back from a week off blogging. I was absent thanks to my little buddy Harold the Vampire Cat who desperately needed a housesitter & catsitter. Unfortunately, Harold lives out in the boondocks with no Internet access.

And now today I have a day off. After giving a morning lecture I had a leisurely lunch with friends and now I am home mulling my options: shop or nap, shop or nap, shop or nap. Nahhh: time to blog. And nothing serious because my brain just isn't up to it. In situations like this there's only one possible topic:

What got me started thinking about this was the recent story about the skeleton of the 3 million year old girl that (who? when you've been dead for 3 million years do you still count as a 'who'?) was found in Ethiopia. It's almost a complete skeleton, the best one ever found, and scientists are hopeful that it will tell us a lot about early child hominids. I found myself wondering what 3 million year old 3 year old girls play with. I wondered if she had a support duck. Then I remembered reading this story about the ancient precursor to modern waterfowl: the so-called Demon Duck of Doom. It had powerful jaws and was thought to be a meat-eater. Probably not much of a support to ancient little girls.

The Demon Duck of Doom