Friday, December 01, 2006

Where have all the bloggers gone?

More, specifically, where have all the Shrink bloggers gone?

First, we lost Shrinkette, gone on to do bigger and better and perhaps less addictive things with her time.

Shiny Happy Person I'm hoping is just on a little leave, trying to get her shininess or happiness back in sync? A psychiatrist-in-training in the UK, I love her insights, love her direct, sometime brash, way of telling it like it is. I miss her comments and the regular hair reports. I, by the way, am back to very curly with fewer chemicals.

FooFoo5-- his exact title remains unknown, and we Shrink Rappers thought for the longest time that he was a forensic psychiatrist, now we seem to think he's a social worker, but he was ClinkShrink's blog friend, working on the inside, and whatever he is, I love his insights. He, too, disappears without warning and long ago stopped his regular comments. Foo's been kind enough to post his status as Not-Able-To-Comment, compliments of Beta Blogger.

The Last Psychiatrist is still out there, and still says things that aggravate me. He doesn't always post my comments, so I've been less excited about composing them.

I've tried unsuccessfully to engage Dr. Crippen on the NHS Blog, and Flea, neither of whom seem to want to be engaged. KevinMD, I think, doesn't know the Shrink Rappers exist. It sort of reminds me of how psychiatrists in general tend to feel disregarded by other MD's, though I hesitate to say such things--Fat Doctor and Dr. A visit regularly.

The Shrink Rappers remain in blog-o-land happily posting. What's new on the horizon? Roy is wrapped around the idea of a PodCast (a what??) and so we hopefully will soon be introducing My Three Shrinks by the bloggers of Shrink Rap.

Stay tuned......