Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 14: No April Fool

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Hard to believe we went so long without a podcast. Sorry about that, folks, but life got too hectic for a spell. We didn't do anything special for April Fools Day (except some funny YouTube links), but we still think you'll like today's podcast.

April 1, 2007:

Topics include:
  • Q&A: Midwife with a Knife, an OB/GYN, asks us about whether pedophilia is a disease or something else, and what we think about civil (as opposed to criminal) commitment for it. Clink uses one of her 50-cent words on us (ephebophilia, a term that Clink says was coined by John Money in his book, Love Maps). See also The Last Psychiatrist's posts on this here and here.
  • NYT article: "The Brain on the Stand", by Jeffrey Rosen. Clink talks about this article about brain diseases being put on trial to explain bad behavior.
  • Q&A: Dr Anonymous wants us to say more about our recent posts (here and here) on humor and medicine. This whole discussion (and the numerous comments on the blog) was started by Roy's lyrics to "Walk Like a Psychiatrist."

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Thank you for listening.