Monday, April 23, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 17: Happy Anniversary!

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This podcast comes out the day after the 1-year anniversary of our blog. Thank you to all of our well-wishers. It's not always easy to keep something like this, and the podcast, going. But having friends like Dinah and Clink make it easy.

Note that next week will be a special podcast, where we will discuss many of the submissions for our May 1 Grand Rounds. Send us your submissions by Saturday, April 28, 2007, at midnight at mythreeshrinksATgmailDOTcom. We'll even include some brief audio comments about your post (attach a 20-30 sec .m3).

April 22, 2007
Topics include:
  • A lot of silly talk about our anniversary, gifts, ducks, and chocolate.
  • Virginia Tech Tragedy. Most of the podcast is about this and related offshoots. We discuss some comments on Dinah's post, Unspeakable. We also point out two past posts, Suicidal Students and Let's Talk About Suicide.
  • This CBS News story discusses the struggle of balancing privacy and safety on college campuses.
  • Dr. Michael Welner, a forensic psychiatrist consulting for ABC News, criticized the media for showing the videotapes from Cho Seung-Hui (more here). (What is "Ismail Ax"?)
  • NAMI has some useful links related to this tragedy.
  • Clink lists other bad events which have happened in the third week of Aprils past, including things to do with Hitler, Lincoln, Oklahoma City, Waco, and Columbine.
  • There are two Mental Health Parity bills before congress. Please let your U.S. Representatives and Senators know you want these passed unamended.
  • Psychiatric News reports that the number of medical students choosing careers in Psychiatry is holding steady at 1000 entering psychiatry residencies this summer.

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