Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 21-R: Chris Kraft on Gender Issues

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This podcast is a special treat, in that we have a guest expert on sexual disorders, Chris Kraft, PhD, who is the head of the Johns Hopkins Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit and the Center for Sexual Health. He is talking about intersex disorders. Also, our friend, Victor, is a guest.

May 20, 2007: #21 Chris Kraft

Topics include:
  • Intersex disorders: This is where one is born with ambiguous genitalia, and one is raised a gender which is different from one's genetic gender. It is a rare condition. Dr. Kraft discusses the many complications that this can cause. This is part of an answer to Zoe Brain's question, continued from last week's podcast.
  • What is a "mother"? A Maryland court has determined that a surrogate mother can have her name removed from a baby's birth certificate, like fathers have been capable of for years. Can a child be born with no parents on its birth certificate?

EDIT: While I do have the "Happy Hour" CD, I could not find King Missile's 1992 hit, Detachable Penis, on iTunes or eMusic (eMusic does have a nice Karaoke version, however, in case you want to sing this at the corner pub). The band's video is posted on YouTube. (John, Dave, Chris & Roger: hope you don't mind me using the song.)  Thanks for the idea, Lily.  And, yes, the "-R" in the title indicates that Dinah Revised my original title, which had the same title as the song.

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