Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Going Mental" for iPhone

Leander Kahney, the managing editor of Wired magazine, was quoted as saying, "They are going to go mental for it." He also predicted iPhone-inspired muggings and selling of first-borns. Folks have been waiting in lines all week just to get first dibs on Apple's new digital wunderkind. It is only a matter of time before i see an iPhone-inspired psychiatric problem in my E.R. And i know just the type of medication to use: an SSRi (or, iSSR?).

John Paczkowski from Digital Daily has dubbed the iPhone obsession iOCD -- and apparently this diagnosis is now in the DSM! Funny... the AMA stopped short of calling video game addiction a disorder, but there is clearly an overboard quality to the iPhone hype. Google "iPhone" and you get 118 million hits this evening, which is 50% more than yesterday. This is more than Paris Hilton and Britney Spears combined. And, it is certainly a few million more than "My Three Shrinks".

This video documents some of the iPhone hysteria...

And speaking of hype, how often do you think the iPhone is paired with some sort of psychiatric symptom? Let's see...

Clearly, the iPhone is one of the coolest tech toys on the planet today. Lack of interest is definitely NOT going to inspire many hits.

EDIT: But it may inspire a new religion (Xenu beware).

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EDIT: Must-see YouTube Chris Pirillo here, with an iPod and a Zune going at it under the covers ... Zune doesn't satisfy like iPhone (Warning: Graphic Gadget Adult Situations).