Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Making Strides (Props to Rodricks)

OK, here's something weird. I am writing a post with the hope that I will drive traffic away from our blog. The post I'm about to direct you to is a worthy cause and I enjoy calling attention to people who do common sense things for a good purpose. (And considering how often we bloggers parasitize the standard media it's only fitting that I should drive traffic back in that direction once in a while.)

In June 2005 one of the columnists for our local newspaper, Dan Rodricks, wrote an open letter to the drug dealers of our city. The point of the letter was to ask them to stop killing people.

Seriously. Really. That's exactly what he said. Read it here if you don't believe me.

Now the cool part.

He offered to help them get real jobs. And that's what he's been doing for the past two years. Any ex-offender looking for a job can call 410-332-6166 for information about companies that hire ex-offenders. He's had more than 5000 inquiries and mailed out loads of packets of information about job opportunities and substance abuse programs. He's even sent these packets to inmates in our prison system and I really like folks who help my patients.

And it's not even his job to do this.

I'd like to keep up the momentum, so if any you are willing and interested you can support this project by sending a check to:

Goodwill Industries


Strive is a national organization that provides job training and job-seeking skills for impoverished people, including ex-offenders. You can find a local chapter here.

I know it seems odd to ask a global readership to support a local effort. Well, if somebody can ask drug dealers to stop killing who am I to be less bold?