Monday, June 25, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 26: Black Box Reloaded

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We again record this podcast in Dinah's backyard, with a guest cardinal who comments throughout the whole thing.

June 24, 2007: #26 Black Box Reloaded

Topics include:

  • Side Effects of Psychotherapy. Sharon Begley from Newsweek wrote an article entitled, "Get Shrunk at Your Own Risk." We discuss this particularly in reference to grief and bereavement, PTSD, and CISD.

  • Discussion at Cheryl Fuller's Jung at Heart about therapy as a treatment for an illness vs. as a tool to improve one's life. And here's an afterthought.

  • The Impact of the FDA's SSRI Black Box on the Decline in Depression Treatment in Kids. We discuss the June 2007 AJP article by Libby et al. showing that there was a 58% drop in expected number of antidepressant prescriptions for this population after the black boxes went up, and that the proportion of depressed children who remained untreated with antidepressants increased some three-fold. Other data has showed an increase in the suicide rate if this population afterwards. In the graph below, the black line represents the percentage of kids with major depression who were prescribed no antidepressant.
  • Q&A: "In my neck of the woods there is pretty much NO 'talk' therapy in short term inpatient settings. I know of many depressed individuals who have decompensated in these settings, and have had their depression actually increase on their departure. Any thoughts?"
The tune at the end is "Advice for the Young at Heart" from Tears for Fears, which you can get for less than a buck at iTunes.

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