Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Three Shrinks Podcast 29: Suicidal Breast Implants

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This time we recorded inside Clink's place, away from the buses and the birds and the helicoptors. I also did not use the GarageBand filter ("Female Radio") which I usually use to filter out low-volume background noises during silent periods. Let me know your thoughts about how it sounds. We are *thinking* about maybe getting lapel mikes and an inexpensive little mixer to balance out our voices better (any suggestions on products welcomed).

Also, we recorded this last weekend. Since it is a shrink rule that we must take off in August (I swear, they'll kick you out of the APA if you don't), we prerecorded two more podcasts (actually, more like one-and-a-half) which I will dribble out over the next few weeks, but we will return with fresh bloviating blather towards the end of August. (Can't wait? Listen to some old My Three Shrinks.)
July 22, 2007: #29 Suicidal Breast Implants

Topics include:

  • Brief discussion about iTunes. We hit #6 in the Medicine section in iTunes last week, thanks in part to KevinMD blogging about our last podcast. We are now getting about 8-9000 podcast downloads per month, which we all find rather amazing. Of course, after the U.S., the country we get the most hits from is China, so we figure there must be Chinese people somewhere trying to learn English from us (big mistake). For the handful of psychiatrists out there (Chinese or otherwise), perhaps we'll release one of those Dummies books about how to make podcasts.

  • "Curbing Nocturnal Binges in Sleep-Related Eating Disorder." Clink talks about this article from Current Psychiatry, about eating in your sleep, particularly after taking Ambien, or zolpidem. Clink read us a related poem:

    My Grandma had a habit Of chewing in her sleep. She chewed on Grandpa's whiskers, And called it Shredded Wheat.
    The article lists weird things people eat in their sleep, including coffee grounds, cat food, and buttered cigarettes (yum!). [I don't think it mentioned eating your own placenta.]

  • You're Supposed to Get Better. Dinah's post about how to know when you are making progress in therapy, and when to move on. (On the blog, this led to a series of emotional posts and comments about therapy, the power inequity between therapist and patient, and the differences between docs blogging about pts and vice versa. Go here, here, and there to read more.)

  • Dinah provides an unsolicited (and unpaid) advertisement for this website ("The Fiction Writer's Guide to Psychology") about injecting believable shrinkiness into your fiction, while Clink shows off her new nerdy book (2000 Most Challenging and Obscure Words, by Norman W. Schur) by declaring the word of the day to be hircine.

  • Cosmetic Breast Augmentation and Suicide. Dinah reviews this article from the July issue of AJP, from David B. Sarwer, et al., which finds "Across the six studies, the suicide rate of women who received cosmetic breast implants is approximately twice the expected rate based on estimates of the general population." I guess we need a black box warning on silicone breast implants now. (We had a post a year ago about the Good Breast; this one is obviously the Bad Breast.)

  • Q&A: "Is chronic antidepressant use harmful in the long term?" We don't really do this topic justice, but Dinah refers to a prior post here.

  • Coming up on the next podcast: 3 AJP articles on suicide and depression treatment; federal parity laws; managing agitated patients in your office.

I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for the last 2 weeks (prompting me to get the song from iTunes and then buy the CD), so I thought I'd share the infection with everyone: Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). For a really cute video of this song, check out CurlyLisa's gang on YouTube.

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