Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Doctor is NOT In

Neonursechic asked where we were. Yes, read the fine print in Podcast #29, and you'll get the hint that we are off in August (okay, so maybe we are "off" much more than that... but especially so in August).

Do we really take a month-long vacation? Yeah, right. But, among the three of us, between last week and the next 2-3 weeks, one, two or all three will be AFK for extended periods of time. This means no podcasts and minimal posts. I actually have 3 or 4 posts I've started, which I may complete this weekend before I take off for a couple weeks. I may stop in at various public libraries on occasion, just to be sure Dinah hasn't started any new flame wars.

I also have two more podcasts that I'd like to move from my computer to your MP3-playing device of choice. I should get #30 out this weekend (on parity legislation and the 3 suicide articles in the July green journal), and will try to get #31 ready (t is a very short mini-podcast) for the following weekend.