Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm On It

I got an e-mail from my husband today-- he sent along a review by Dorothy Rabinowitz of a soon-to-air HBO series called "In Treatment" and suggested I "sub-blog" as the show plays.

So Dorothy Rabinowitz writes:

It is odd that the network that has tried long, hard and haplessly to come up with anything remotely equal to the power and creativity of its blood-drenched "Sopranos" saga has finally succeeded in a series entirely shrouded in the quiet of a therapist's office, where the only threats come from words, revelations, the assaultive force of unwelcome truths. They are an arsenal of terrible power as deployed in the battles waged hour after hour in the intimacy of the consulting room -- the arsenal that drives so much of this series that is, in its invention and artistry (if not in its nonlavish production values), a worthy successor to "The Sopranos."

A show about psychotherapy that ranks with The Sopranos? I'm on it. Five nights a week, starting Monday, from 9:30 to 10. Five nights a week? I'll do my best, that's a lot of therapy to watch for someone coming home from the office.... it better be good. The psychotherapist is played by Gabriel Byrne (pictured above) and his therapist (of course) is played by Dianne Wiest. If I don't get to it in real time, there's always TiVo. ClinkShrink tells me she can't watch it, no Cable. Roy may be under the floorboards again, and I'm not sure what kind of reception he gets there