Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Three Shrinks Podcast 40: Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to all our readers and listeners. We really have our podcast sequence screwed up still. #39 is stuck on an inaccessible, corrupted, encrypted Filevault folder, thanks to Leopard's poor handling of Filevault on installation. I'm working on it. [Edit: #39 is now our BlogTalkRadio interview with Dr. Anonymous. -Roy]  Until then, here is #40, recorded on Dec 30 for release on New Year's Day. Joining us today is a guest psychologist, Barb.

January 1, 2008: #40 Happy New Year!

Topics include:
  • Roy's Leopard Troubles. All is not easy in Mac-land. WARNING: Do NOT install Leopard if you are using Filevault. Turn off your Filevault first (of course, if you have 60GB of files in your Filevault, you will need 60GB of empty hard drive space to decrypt it, not the 5GB which I have).

  • New Year's Resolutions. We all discuss our resolutions (or lack thereof).

  • Top 25 Posts of 2007. Check out the most viewed Shrink Rap posts of 2007.

  • Roy's Favorite Searches of 2007. Also check out Roy's quirky list of top 10 weird and funny Google searches. (Hint: oompaloompas)

  • Hanns-G 28-inch LCD Monitor. Roy got a new monitor. Clink has screen-envy.

  • Q&A: Drug Interactions. Do multiple psychotropic drugs sometimes counteract each other?

  • Q&A: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Long discussion about SAD, lightboxes, melatonin, depression, and suprachiasmatic nucleus.

  • iTunes Reviews. We read some of the 20 reviews we have on iTunes. We are NOT related to the Shrink Rap Radio podcast (which is also very good and worth listening to, but not nearly as entertaining as we are, IMHO.)

The background song is Auld Lang Syne, performed by Knuckle Fingers Joe on the Honky Tonk Piano CD (listen on eMusic).

Find show notes with links at: http://mythreeshrinks.com/. The address to send us your Q&A's is there, as well (mythreeshrinksATgmailDOTcom).

This podcast is available on iTunes (feel free to post a review) or as an RSS feed. You can also listen to or download the .mp3 or the MPEG-4 file from mythreeshrinks.com.
Thank you for listening.