Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Treatment: Episode 13....Sophie

ClinkShrink has asked me to reiterate that this is a "Painfully Silly" show.

Sophie kicks her backpack towards Paul. She has brought him a model boat, he is delighted.

"It must really suck having to listen to other people's problems all day." Oh, I hear some version of that a lot. I remind people that I chose to be a shrink, I actually kind of like it.

Sophie and Paul change seats and she plays Shrink for a while. He treats Sophie with a gentleness and fondness that he doesn't have for his adult patients. It's as though this is the one patient we meet who isn't laden with noise for Paul, he looks younger while he sees Sophie. They talk about "what if I'm a therapy patient" and Paul does a nice role induction. Sophie tells Paul angrily about her parents and how they split and how they told her.

Sophie talks about her relationship with her Coach, Cy, and we aren't surprised to hear they've had a sexual relationship while Sophie was staying there, caring for their daughter, while his wife was away for months. It's all a pretty sad story and Sophie feels responsible for Cy's marital problems. She left their house and had her near-fatal accident.

Sophie goes to the bathroom. We will she kill herself in there? Something shatters. She broke some picture frames, she's worried she'll hurt their relationship. She demands that he determine if her accident was a suicide attempt. She screams and curses at Paul.

These people are worried about the insurance company and whether something that happened weeks ago was a suicide attempt....they don't even mention that she was sleeping with her adult coach-- ummm....she calls him a 'gentleman,' a really good guy. Paul never counters this. Sophie talks about how she messes everything up. They say good bye at the door. He calls Sophie's mother and asks to meet with her. Shouldn't someone be more concerned about this kid's imminent safety and arresting the coach?