Friday, February 15, 2008

In Treatment, Episode Whatever...the sub-blog...Couple From Hell

Last night's episode of In Treatment was the final blow to my long day. Here's why I don't do couples' therapy.

Amy comes alone, apparently Jake has quit. She feels great, happy as a clam to have miscarried, but disturbed that she lacks the appropriate grief she should be feeling. She comes on to Paul, flirts with him, insults him (he might be handsome on a deserted island). She's great at pushing Paul's buttons and he looks unkempt and ruffled-- she describes her imagined scene of him trying to get her blood off the couch so well that one might wonder if she (like all the others) is stalking him. I wonder if she's manic between her repeated references to her mood elation and her hypersexuality. Jake shows up, angry and knows she'd made a pass at Paul. A repeated pattern of seducing authority figures, apparently. She calls him Paranoid. These people are annoying. They leave in a huff.

So Kate the wife of shrink walks in to announce she's going out yet again. She's decked out, and by the way, in a play-out of the couple's session that just ended, she'll be going to Rome next week with her lover. Paul can use the time to connect with his children.

Is there anything to say? Happy Valentine's Day.