Friday, February 01, 2008

Shows I'd Like To See

Since there's been so much interest in HBO's new series "In Treatment", I thought I'd put up a post about the psychiatry-related dramas I'd like to see some network do someday. Let's face it, most television networks only think of psychiatry in terms of a private therapist's office. There's more to it than that, and I think the public has a right to know.

1. Mobile Treatment
A psychiatrist, nurse, social worker and psychologist team up to provide on-site mental health care to the chronically mentally ill, on the streets and in the community. They respond to police emergencies involving the mentally ill and showcase the problems in our current care delivery system. The show addesses ethical dilemmas, legal and financial barriers to care and how people living on the margins work around them.

2. Is There A Shrink In The House?
A spin-off from the series House, this psychiatrist starts out as a consult-liaison doc in the series House. (I know, Dinah hates House, but you have to start somewhere.) There are clashes and confrontations right off the bat as House's brash, sarcastic style comes up against the psychiatrist's more thoughtful, measured approach. The show addresses the intersection of psychiatry and medicine as the consult-liaison doc teaches House how the brain affects the body, and vice versa.

3. Emergency!
An ER doc and an on-call psychiatrist handle the quirky, spooky and overtly odd cases that only seem to come in after 3 am on a Friday night. The latest hit comedy series which will finally put an end to all the reality show shlock.

4. Pimp My Meds
An NIMH research pharmacologist presents a weekly review of psychopharmacology-in-development, with optional references to pharmacogenetics and neuroimaging.

5. Insurance Court
Judge Judy takes on the insurance industry as denied, delayed and neglected psychiatric cases appeal to the insurance commissioner. In lieu of payment, insurance companies found liable for care may choose from a variety of publicly humiliating punishments.

(By the way, the picture at the top of the post looks a lot like my actual TV, rabbit ears and all.)