Thursday, June 19, 2008

Roy Has A One Track Mind

Like any man....

Okay, so it's the middle of the day. A patient calls to say she's running late. I have a spare moment. I decide to text Roy--haven't talked to him in a bit, just some real brief e-mails-- why not? So I send a text message: Will there be lines?

What would you think if you got a random text message to your phone in the middle of the work day: Will there be lines?

I expected a reply: "?" Or: "lines?" Lines in the sand, lines on a page, lines on my face, lines of what, for what, by what?

Did Roy ask? Did he so much as flinch? Within moments, the reply came: On July 11th? Yes.

He knew. Or I knew what was on his mind, what's always on Roy's mind. Will there be lines? Yes. July 11th? The date the new iPhone comes out. And yes, I did mean: Will there be lines to purchase the new iPhone? Somehow, Roy knew what I was thinking. Hard to be cryptic these days.

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P.s. This story was not confabulated.