Saturday, July 12, 2008

He Got It!!!

Four hours in line, with details along the way.  The power went out, the biology of it all got a bit uncomfortable (or so I'm told).  The fear that they might run was intense.  Oh, Roy will say I'm exaggerating, overly dramatic, catastrophic even.  After all, it's just a cell phone.  And apparently there were, indeed, lines.

Now where is Roy with his new iPhone?

I asked if takes pictures?  So far no answer.

I called, got the same old message.  Is Roy one person or does he now have two cellphones?  Does he have a new number?  Will I ever hear from him again, or is my Samsung slide (with no internet capability) no longer in his league?  Mine does have a camera.  I think I'll send Roy a picture of my feet.   I got my toes to smile.

I want to see it!  Is it bigger, better, more more more than last year's model?  Someone I work with has the old iPhone, can I introduce them, do side-by-side shopping?

Finally, while I'm rambling silliness on such a serious topic as the new iPhone, I want to take this opportunity to thank ClinkShrink for staying with Max and teenager the last few days so I could have a mini-vacation.  I'm recharged and so happy that everyone here is alive and well.  I am sorry that teenager ate the Reeses Puff cereal that Clink likes.