Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Proud of My 'Kids'

I have a nice little cadre of students these days. They are young, bright, enthusiastic and at times a little anxious and intimidated. They are a wonderful group, and it's my job to figure out the best way to teach them what they need to know. They have a lot to learn and a limited amount of time to learn it in. Information is being thrown at them fast and furiously from several faculty sources. It's their job to catch it, retain it and somehow organize it for future use.

Eesh, I'm glad I'm not in their position anymore. It's tough.

People learn differently, and from year to year each group of students has their own preferences about teaching methods. Some want lectures, some want case conferences, and some just want to be left alone to read on their own. I find that we tend to cycle through these preferences on a regular basis, responding each year to the preferences of the previous years' students while hoping that some day the two years' preferences will match and all will be happy.

That's never going to happen, but I don't mind trying. I like the idea that some day years down the road I will have a group of folks whom I've helped propel along the professional path and whom someday I'll be pleased to call my colleague. It's the next best thing to having kids, without the driving lessons and diaper changes.