Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Places I'd Rather Be

Addendum: Here is an old post on "No Shows" which is a completely different phenomena than leaving early....

I've vowed never to put real patient stories on the blog. Tonight, I'm saying, "What the hell." The following is not confabulated.

Over the years, I've been stood up for oh so many reasons. Martial arts class sticks out among them. Forgotten meetings, forgotten dates, forgotten children...they've all been reasons to forget a therapy session. No one that I'm aware of has ever canceled an appointment at the last minute for a hair dresser's appointment, but maybe I just don't know. Today a patient left early. Why? Had to get those fantasy sports picks in. This was a first. Roy would have passed over the iPhone and been done with it. I'm not so accommodating and I don't have an iPhone, 2g, 3g or otherwise.

I hate it when patients simply don't show up and don't call-- when I spend an entire session pacing back and forth to the waiting room and can't use my time. If people opt out because life is busy and the choices are too many, I can't say I mind. It's their life, it's their right to define priorities, as long as my time isn't wasted or someone else isn't left wanting for that session, then hey, Fantasy Picks, what can I say? I'm not one for being judgmental or shoving down someone's throat that therapy needs to be their top priority: that's for them to decide, especially in a long-term therapy with a stable patient. Sorry, there's no pro-rating for judo class, fantasy sports, whatever. Life is busy and we all have to make choices.

Sometimes I think people should cancel their sessions. Get your hair permed at a different time, but for someone who's had trouble finding or maintaining employment, well...they should cancel therapy sessions (or schedule outside of work hours) for the first few weeks of a new job. "Gotta blow this crab feast for an hour" the first week on the new job just doesn't feel wise.

Well, I hope my patient got the good players.