Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Name that Book!

So it's been over two and a half years of Shrink Rap, coming up on 900 posts. With the help of our readers, we think we've gotten decent at talking about psychiatry in a way that makes it more understandable than the psycho-babble I read as a medical student. We thought we'd try a book, some way of getting our rambling thoughts together in a more cohesive and organized way.

We've got a proposal together, and even a little interest. It's got a way to go (several review processes) before we're sure it's a go and before we even start the process of writing it! Of course, we have the blog posts to distill it from.

So here's our issue of the moment: The Title.

We've been using
Off the Couch -- Three Psychiatrists Discuss Their Work --as a working title. I like it, Clink likes it, Roy doesn't like it, the maybe-would be editor doesn't like it. Roy started with wanting to call it My Three Shrinks (isn't that a famous podcast? Oh, yeah!). The editor-to-be suggested How Psychiatrists Think...but I'm a little uneasy with the idea that how We think might represent our entire field. There are some pretty weird shrinks out there.

Roy free associated for me and here's what he came up with:

Psychiatrists Exposed
Psychiatrists Dissected
The Inner Mind of Psychiatrists
My Three Shrinks
Psychiatric Synapses
Inside the Psychiatrist
Inside the Psychiatrist's Brain
Where's the Couch?
How to Annoy Your Psychiatrist
Sex with Fish
The Mental Life of Psychiatrists
Inside the Alienist Mind
Not Your Grandfather's Psychiatrist
Psychiatry for Dummies
Plain Talk Psychiatry
Psychiatric Folks
The Psychiatric Calculus
How Psychiatrists Think
Tabla Rosa
The Blank Slate: Revealed
The Annotated Psychiatrists
Psychiatrists Three
Psychiatrists Cubed
Psychiatrists Talking Trash
Psychiatrists Talking Shop
Psychiatrists Talk Shop
Psychiatrists Thinking Aloud (or Out Loud)

I still like Off the Couch, but if I had to pick from the above, I think I'd choose Plain Talk Psychiatry. ClinkShrink opted for Sex with Fish.

So can you think of a good title? Or put in an opinion on one we've gotten? I like short-- two to four words, if possible, and something catchy. We don't think the word "Shrink" in the title will fly. And the audience-- people interested in mental health issues, patients, family members, students in mental heath professions, health care folks who treat mental illness, but probably not psychiatrists-- it's not a book of rigorous studies, just a conversational walk-through of what we think about and how we think about patients and their problems.

Feel free to make suggests, or to just cast a vote: