Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Images In My Head

I'm so glad ClinkShrink lived through jury duty....she was sending out 'bored and starved' distress messages.

So Novalis comments on our posts sometimes and I've visited his blog: Ars Psychiatrica. I wanted to add it to our blogroll, but once Roy has been somewhere, it's usually pretty complicated and I wasn't sure I could add something without blowing Shrink Rap to bits.

Now Novalis has visited and commented at times. In my head, he's been a "she." Why? I don't know, but I had this image of a female psychiatrist. Maybe it's the long hair in his profile pic. It wasn't until I started reading his blog that I suddenly felt some need to know: What gender? I went to his profile view, and discovered a fair amount about him-- first off that he's a HE and that he's a community psychiatrist (I like them). The North Carolina part didn't surprise me.

Sometimes our readers tell us about themselves-- their careers, their reason for an interest in mental health, where they're from, and maybe their names or their photos give away their gender (hi to Zoe Brain across the globe whose blog tells of his he-to-she journey)...sometimes I can glean their age, sometimes people just tell us or put it on their profiles. A few we've met: TigerMom and Sophizo met us at a conference.

Is there something about the mystery of it? Someone wrote a guess about us in our comment section recently: I was described as a cookie-baking mom with glasses and my hair in a bun. I bake cookies a couple of times a year, wear contacts, not glasses, and have never once, not even for a single hour, worn my hair in a bun.d