Monday, January 19, 2009

Roy's Top Ten Search Phrases of 2008

Okay, once again, I've reviewed our Analytics file for my list of the Top 10 search phrases that people used to find us here at Shrink Rap. These are based solely on those I found funny, interesting, or just bizarre.

I have left the Top 10 search phrases from 2006 and 2007, since just listing these will bring them to the top in the following year. That means I have retired "how to worry your psychiatrist", "freud the meerkat", and -- everyone's favorite -- "sex with fish". So, here goes, my favorite Top 10 from the 39,000-odd search phrases used in 2008:

10. how to drive your psychiatrist crazy (this theme seems to be escalating)
9. I dress better than my therapist
8. psychiatry iphone (the 3rd link... not bad... I'm looking for an idea for a great psychiatry iPhone app... if iFart can make $27,000 on Christmas Day, I want a piece of that action!)
7. grunting teenager
6. national duckling month (3rd link again... glad to see we are so relevant)
5. buttered cigarettes ambien
4. why are those old farts laughing in flomax commercials
3. "in treatment" clown joke does this taste funny to you
2. patients as facebook friends (a new ethical issue to tackle in the Annotations)
1. mental health parody bill