Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Scientific Method

So my kid comes home from school today and announces,
"Guess what I learned at school today?"
"What?" (Good to know they're learning something, anything....)
"There are a lot less kids at my new school with ADD then there were at my old school."
"Oh? How do you know this?" Shrink Mom's wondering if they do public surveys or something.
"I wrote with a Concerta pen all day and no one came up to me and said they were taking it. Tomorrow I'm going to try a Prozac pen."


So the scientist in me thinks of all the options here:
1) Kids at old school were more open about revealing their psych histories
2) Difference between middle and high school?
3) Kids at current school less attentive to classmates' choice of pens?
4) More kids at old school actually did take Concerta.

I do recall that in the past, when my kids have taken pharmaceutical company pens to school, they've gotten personal as well as family histories offered ("Hey, my dad takes that!").