Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Years and 1000 Shrink Rap Posts!

It's our blogiversary, if that's a word, and we've timed 3 years to coincide with 1000 posts. Well, sort of, Roy pointed out that we have a few unposted things in "drafts," but blogger says this is 1000, so I'm happy with that. I'm pretty happy that our little project has lasted so long, has grown to include 50 podcast episodes with more to come, and our book contract is signed, and that we're all still friends.

To three more years of things to think about....

Thanks for reading Shrink Rap!

From Roy: Thank you to my blogmates for keeping things fun and interesting. And to all our readers and commenters (and listeners) for your interest and participation. Y'all rock!

From Clink: My blogmates are wonderful, our readers are wonderful, life is good. I'm trying to post more often, I really am.

First post (2006).