Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Why I Hate In Treatment

Dinah, I still love you even though you ignore my opinion and write about In Treatment.

A while ago Dinah wrote about why she hates the television show House. I didn't have strong opinions about the show, I had only watched a few episodes and I thought they were OK. If Dinah hated it and wanted to blog about it that was cool with me. So now, I'm taking my turn.

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll tell you first that I've never had cable TV. Not only that, but since about last July I haven't had a television. I really haven't missed it. I've been to places that had cable TV and what I saw just reinforced the idea that there was a lot of content that just wasn't worth watching. I spent more time channel surfing than viewing. So that's my disclaimer. (I watched the first week of In Treatment on the Internet.)

In general I think it's a bit unsettling to be immersed in TV culture. I notice it more now that I'm not part of the American "viewership", but it feels odd to go somewhere and listen to people absorbed by characters who aren't real and life stories that don't actually exist. I mean really, there are earthquakes and wars and important international events going on and we're wondering who is going to get voted off American Idol? Don't we have real issues to talk about?

As far as the show specifically, I don't like it because it's neither treatment nor is it therapy. Face it, the guy's a goofball whether he's a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a licensed angel adjuster. If you're going to be that far off base from reality you might as well write a show around the complicated dysfunctional relationships between an auto mechanic and his customers. (Oh wait, there was that Taxi series---that's pretty close.) It's too laughable to be drama and too self-important to be comedy. Like I said when it first came on, I'd rather have a more realistic series about seriously mentally ill folks making their way in the world than a gossipy pseudo-introspective contrivance like In Treatment. Dinah didn't like House because the doctor was obnoxious and the show wasn't realistic. Oddly enough, the same reasons I don't like In Treatment.

I'd even prefer blog posts about ducks.