Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stuff. Like iPhones. For Peacocks.

It made me think about Roy, this article I read today in The New York Times. Roy is at APA in San Francisco. I miss him. My inbox is practically empty. He texts, and he left me a voicemail, but it's not the same. I want him to come home to be with me and ClinkShrink.

Okay, so the article, it was about stuff, and why we buy it and why we care about brands. Stuff, like iPhones. Roy loves his iPhone. He can talk about "apps" for hours.

In Message in What We Buy But No One's Listening, John Tierney writes:
Instead of running focus groups and spinning theories, he says, marketers could learn more by administering scientifically calibrated tests of intelligence and personality traits. If marketers (or their customers) understood biologists’ new calculations about animals’ “costly signaling,” Dr. Miller says, they’d see that Harvard diplomas and iPhones send the same kind of signal as the ornate tail of a peacock.