Friday, June 05, 2009

Blogger's Block

Oh, not really, I'm almost never at a loss for words.
But this is the thing: For three years now I go through my days and when I see or hear something interesting, I think "I'm going to blog about that!" or....I think, "Oh, I wish I could blog about that" but I can't because it would reveal something about a patient.
So I get lots of ideas, but then I get to the computer and sometimes I've forgotten them. Last night, I was with Clink and Roy and we were having an animated (hmmm, is that the right word?) discussion about Richard the Internet Porn Fan (a fictional patient in our book) when one of them said something totally random and I thought "What a great blog post title." What ever it was, it was pretty random, but I wanted to use it, and it was gone. Neither of them remembered what they'd said. Sometimes, I make notes about ideas I've gotten, but ....

And I'm twittering now. Half-heartedly. Roy's been asking me to follow him, so I started. Actually, I'm a total failure. Someone has Un-followed me for being snarky about Twitter. I don't really get it, and being limited to 140 characters is my idea of suffocation. Plus, it's not like a blog were everyone has access to the same info: I twitter about someone's tweet and then realize he doesn't follow me, I just follow him. Or someone else responds to a tweet I never read. And there's really not so much to say in short bursts. But during dinner last night, we had a lengthy discussion on cremation and the interesting disposal of ashes (one friend helped scatter his uncle on the 14th hole where uncle had gotten 3 holes in one!) and I twittered that the temperature used for cremation is 3,500 degrees, per ClinkShrink. Why does she know all these random things.

My brain needs more coffee.