Thursday, July 02, 2009

Clutter Free Reality TV and My Fantasies.

Patients have been talking about a TV show I'd never heard of: Clean House.
It's a reality TV show where they come in and help the clutter bugs get rid of their stuff. I've never watched it (obviously). This is entertainment? My patients say they watch it then go throw some of their stuff out. Entertaining and therapeutic. It's funny (as in kind-of-ironic, not ha ha), but people spend a lot of time in therapy talking about their clutter and the piles of paper they can't part with. I suggest bonfires, but hey.

So I started thinking about this whole reality TV show concept, and the fact that I'm writing about psychotherapy (now done with 2500 words of What Is Psychotherapy). I had this fantasy about having a real life therapy podcast. Roy once talked about how there was bound to be a reality therapy TV show. Couldn't I do a start-to-finish psychotherapy podcast and put it on iTunes? I've got the microphones, and I could probably get Roy to teach me how to use all these gadgets. It might be interesting, it might be something people could use to teach (Gosh, that therapist says dumb things!) or it could be really boring. How does one logistically recruit a patient for such thing? Is it ethical (hmmm...) to offer free psychotherapy in exchange for allowing it to be broadcast on the internet? Could anyone relax and be themselves? What if it got up close and personal and the patient wanted out? Obviously, you stop, but then what becomes of the therapy? Funny, they didn't deal with these issues in medical school.

Okay, it's not happening. It was just a fantasy. I'm going to clean out my closet now. For real.