Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Forwarding Address

I moved my office yesterday. As fate would have it, the final piece of mail I received at my old address was a notice from Medicare informing me that I needed to update them if there were any changes in my practice, for example, a change of address. It told me where to go (on the internet, that is).

Okay, so in case you're wondering, Medicare has 221 downloadable forms on their website.

If I understand the directions right (and do feel free to help me out here) CMS-8551 is the form for me:

Additional Information Physicians can apply for enrollment in the Medicare Program or make a change in their enrollment information using either: 1. Have a National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) User ID and password to use Internet-based PECOS. • For security reasons, passwords should be changed periodically, at least once a year. • For information on how to change a password, go to the NPPES Application Help page and select the “Reset Password Page” on the NPPES Application Help page. 2. Go to PECOS to complete, review, and submit the electronic enrollment application via PECOS. 3. Print, sign, and date the two-page Certification Statement and mail it with all supporting paper documentation to the Medicare contractor within seven days of the electronic submission. NOTE: A Medicare contractor will not process an Internet enrollment application without the signed and dated two-page Certification Statement and the required supporting documentation. In addition, the effective date of filing an enrollment application is the date the Medicare contractor receives the signed two-page Certification Statement that is associated with the Internet submission. Physicians who are enrolled in the Medicare Program, but have not submitted the CMS-855I since 2003, are required to submit a Medicare enrollment application (i.e., Internet-based PECOS or the CMS-855I) as an initial application when reporting a change for the first time. If a physician has any questions about reporting a change, the physician should contact his or her designated Medicare contractor in advance of submitting the CMS-855I.
(Note, I deleted the Medicare web addresses from the body of the text I copied)

Okay, so 221 downloadable forms, and the form for change of address is the CMS-8551. No prob, I'm on it. PECOS. What are PECOS? I know what pesos are, but PECOS? So form CMS-8551, downloaded for my change of address is 27 pages long. What would it take to get Medicare to have 222 downloadable forms, with the 222nd form being a one-page change of address form.