Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Last Minute Family

I'm headed off for vacation for a long weekend. In my family, we love vacation, but we hate planning it. It's a funny problem. We've left the country on as little as 3 days notice before and this past summer we switched our plans from Montreal to San Francisco on the Monday before we left. Oh, and we're taking vacation now because we never did get our act together to go anywhere over the holidays, but that's okay because the day we were supposed to leave, we woke up to 20 inches of snow and we wouldn't have gotten there, where ever there might have been, anyway.

So I'm writing a blog post when I should be packing. Hours before departure, I asked my husband if they speak English where we're going and he asked me if we can use American dollars. And off to Google we went (:: yes and yes). He's confident he'll be able to watch the Ravens' playoff game which is good----one of the reasons we had so much trouble organizing ourselves over the holidays was that he had Ravens' tickets and there was a push of resistance against leaving town.

Arg! Blogger won't let me put a photo in! Oh, and please do encourage Clink to get a puppy.

Roy and ClinkShrink will hold the fort. See you next week!