Monday, January 25, 2010

Multi-Tasking To The Max

Okay, picture this: I'm sitting in front of my desktop computer. Swivel to the right and my laptop is there. On the desk in front of me is my cell phone on which I'm arranging a meeting via text message. My left shoulder cradles a phone against my left ear(my home line) where I've been on hold with Medicare for the last 10 minutes because I want to talk about details of the 27 page form that I need to fill out for my office change of address. My left hand holds a second phone (my fax line) to my right ear -- I'm on hold for an insurance company where I'm hoping to talk to someone to help a patient get reimbursement even though I'm out-of-network. My right hand types this blog post. I may explode but I won't have gone down without trying.