Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vacation Dreams

It's warm and sunny here. The sand is blue, the water is green, the Dinah is pleasantly pinkish. The Ravens are losing at half time.

I had this dream last night that begs to go on the blog, so here I am.
I was walking down the street with ClinkShrink, and Roy was with us too, but walking a bit slower. We came across a body in the road, face down, and we went to help, Clink and I right there at the scene. It was a woman, and someone else was there, looking for a pulse. She moved, and then she got up. I asked a few medical questions, and we decided it was okay to leave. Roy thought I should have asked different questions.

Then we were in Boston. We'd flown and I had to get back the same day. I asked Roy if he'd bought my ticket, since I hadn't bought it myself and thought I might owe him money. He hadn't. I also didn't recall ever seeing a boarding pass---how did I get on the plane?

We were at a meeting and there was another psychiatrist there as well as some of my neighbors. I sat down and tried to figure out how I was going to get back to Baltimore that day. I pulled out my iTouch and tried to download an AirTran App.

By the time I'm dreaming about i-Anything apps on vacation, well that's when I know that Roy has gotten to me.