Friday, January 22, 2010

Weird Social Situations.

Thank you all so much for your input on my Intrusions post. I'm going to sit with the chapter and your comments and try to get it all put together. Soon. I hope.

So I want to talk about a weird social situation. I have to confabulate this one, you'll bear with me and not get too involved with the details, because they aren't real.

There's this woman I know sort of vaguely. We've had a few conversations over the years, and she has always greeted me very warmly. We were never friends, but I like her, and like I said, the vibes between us were good. She called me at work one day and asked if I'd treat one of her family members. She's not a friend--- I said yes-- but I did make the comment to Family Member that I knew Warm Woman and asked if this was a problem. It wasn't. I saw the family member for a while, the treatment was successful and Family Member has left treatment with the understanding that my door remains open. Nothing that was said in the therapy changed my opinion of Warm Woman....Family Member cherishes her and didn't reveal any skeletons in any closets.

Yesterday I went to a small event for a group I belong to. Warm Woman was there, seems she's also a member of this group. She ignored me. I followed suit and did not approach her-- seems as the relative of the patient, it's her call. And I do know she's been in treatment herself, and that she understands all about boundaries. It felt weird though. I wanted to say Hi, and I wanted to tell her to give my regards to Family Member who has not seen me for a while. I almost felt like I was in the room with my own uncomfortable patient, but Warm Woman was never my patient. I even wondered if I should drop out of the group, but I like going, and I joined, in part, at the request of someone else in the group, someone who has no idea this interaction is happening.

Just thought I'd share a day in the weird life of a shrink.