Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things We Argue About

Sometimes, especially on the podcasts, we get heated and go at it. Oh, sometimes on the blog, too. Among ourselves, we refer to these discussions as "The Benzo Wars" --the posts where we've argued about what role benzodiazepines and addictive medications have in psychiatry, and "Who Deserves Care" cause Clink thinks her patients need help more than mine (..if you see me walking around with bruises, you'll know it's me......)

So what else do Shrinks argue about? We've got a colorful history here. Took us decades to decided if homosexuality was a disorder (yes, maybe, no). Is psychosurgery with knitting needles good? Should our patients get special accommodations? What if I'm allergic to your support dog?

Ah, we're writing a chapter and I like the input you all give!

And please listen to our podcast. We're back...probably monthly for now, but weekly once we finish the book and they teach me how to edit them.