Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes! I Have Monday OFF!!!!

I got it, again, like clockwork. The joys of city life: yet another jury duty summons.

My number is 897 and that's high, really high, but sometimes on Mondays they call up to 900. The problem with being a shrink is that there's the question of what to do? Pray my number won't get called, or take the day off? In my private practice, I could just give people a heads up that I might need to cancel if I get called, but Monday mornings, I work in a clinic where people are scheduled months in advance, and short notice is a hassle on everyone involved. Family members often take off work to bring in patients, or other agencies send people to appointments with case workers. Last minute doc-outs create problems for everyone.

I used to hate the uncertainty of it all, but I'm trying to grow more flexible as I age, oh so gracefully. I used to call and request a specific day, one that would work better with my schedule, and the courts are happy to oblige this: they'd let me pick any day I want, as long as I agreed to take the number 1. No uncertainty here: I was going to be called.

But how do you give up a number like 897 (and a high likelihood of getting a pass) on an inconvenient day for a number like 1 on another day. Face it, there's never a good day to sit with 900 people in a jury room.

So I gave 6 weeks notice at work and took the day off. And the verdict is in: number 1-650 are to report. I have a day off! See you Monday. Please feel free to write in with suggestions about how I should spend my day.