Friday, November 19, 2010

Prison Poetry

Recently there was a little problem in one of our local facilities. Nobody died, but the incident caused the officers in my facility to reminisce about fights they've had to break up in the past. I overheard some of the conversation and the result is this poem, direct from the officers' mouths:

Two of You and the Gate is Locked

200 guys in the yard, two of you and the gate is locked
You had two fights over here, three fights over there, it was like May Day...
It wasn't against us, it was BGF but we still had to stop it
It was over something small, one guy had a beef
That's when the weapons came out
The officer opened the gate to let him out
"I couldn't stand there and see the guy stabbed up"
They kicked the gate open
That's how the fight got to the compound
You gotta contain it
The gates lock you ain't going no where
They hit the doors, you contain it
You ain't going no where
You in there