Monday, December 06, 2010

In Treatment: Sunil, Week 7

ClinkShrink's dream has come true! A session in the jail. Sunil was locked up and soon he'll be deported back to India, and we learn that this was part of a grand plan, his only way to get home to India. He faked the whole creepy/dangerous scenario, aware that if the police came and he refused to show his papers, he'd get arrested and deported. Couldn't he just have shoplifted an apple?

Paul is angry. What was real? Was it all farce on his therapy? Sunil points out his assorted boundary transgressions as he created a therapist/friend scenario, and Sunil says that Paul got something out of the sessions as well in their shared loneliness. And to ease Paul's anger (oy, he curses at the patient, my idea of a no-no), he lets him in on a new twist to the stories, once again drawing Paul in: his wrong-caste girlfriend who committed suicide was pregnant with his baby.

Sunil sings to Paul as the guard escorts him off.