Friday, March 11, 2011

Roy is Driving Me Crazy!

I'm at my office today and I turn on my phone between patients. There's a text and a message, both from the same person. "Where is Roy, he's supposed to be here at a meeting? Can you contact him?"

Interesting. I scratch some body part or the other. Am I Roy's mother? Did someone forget to tell me? I forward the text to Roy, and welcome in the next patient. After that session, I check messages again. Roy has texted me, "I can't talk, I'm in a meeting." I guess he got there. Oh good.

And the blog. We have a rule about the sidebar: Dinah doesn't touch it. It's Roy's rule, but I've had a few problems, so mostly it's okay. But then, I decided I wanted a duck on the side bar. I put one up. That I can do. Roy took it down, because if I say Earth, Roy says Mars. Duck> No duck. No duck> Duck. Should I start reverting to reverse psychology? What was wrong with the duck? I liked it. Roy put up a link to our book's Facebook page---you remember, that book we've been writing for about a zillion decades that never actually materializes. I promise (I hope) that it isn't just a pipe dream. So the book's Facebook page has a whopping 8 fans and their photos are shown on our sidebar. Does Jesse the Chinchilla Lover want his photo on Shrink Rap? Do we want to advertise our 8 fans? I take it down. And Roy tells me he's frustrated that I undo things he does without talking to him first. But my duck-- he took down my duck! And he didn't talk to me first.

Why does Roy want the Facebook page up anyway? Does it matter? How will our Shrink Rap Book FB page change the world? Oh, we had tried a Shrink Rap friend page, but that was too hard to manage. I had to sign out of my own account and confirm new friends, and interact with them, and I'm a bit on overload (in case you couldn't tell!). We tried a "fan" page and that was fine. Only it was linked and combined with the
friend page and who knew what was what. I was pretty confused and I created them! So Roy made us a FB book page, only the book's not out, so he doesn't want anyone to know. But he does want 25 people to be fans so he can reserve a specific URL for it. HuH? And then he put his twitter feed in to it which would be good---Shrink Rap posts would populate the wall, but then he had a twitter conference and all sorts of random tweets went twitting away on the wall and in my News Feed. I think I'm way too old for this. Anyway, Roy is driving me crazy.

Please join our Shrink Rap Book page so Roy can drive you crazy, too.

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