Thursday, July 28, 2011

Google+ Button Added

Dinah asked me to add a Google Plus (G+) button to our posts. Done.
Does she use G+? Do our readers?

I will say that I've been using G+ now for about three weeks. If you've been hiding under a social media rock lately, G+ is Google's next attempt at a social media platform. It has some elements of Facebook, some of Twitter, some of Friendster, rolled up together to give users more control over whom they share with. A "tweet" or post can now be shared with just those Circles of people you choose. There is also a cool new feature called Hangouts that is like Skype on steroids. You can have a videochat with 9 other people simultaneously. Wouldn't be surprised to see a therapist using it for group therapy. It has better privacy control features than the leading social media tools, and is quickly gaining ground.

I'm thinking we could do our next podcast via Google+... if only Dinah would sign up.
At least she got her button. Reward her by giving her a +1 below.