Friday, July 15, 2011

Shrink Blogs 2011

We used to have a blog roll on the sidebar.  Apparently, we don't anymore.  We have everything else on our sidebar, including a complete list of....  oh, nevermind.

It has occurred to me that we have been blogging for a very long time and during that time, many of our shrink blogging buds have come and gone.  I got attached to those people we knew when we were new and I spent more time reading 'other peoples' blogs'...oh where did Lily (drivingmissmolly) ever go?  And does Shiny Happy Person, the young shrink across the pond, still Shine?  I know Carrie and Fat Doctor are out there, and I was so pleased to get email from FooFoo5 when he heard us on NPR. keeps things real.

So I thought I try to get a list of current Shrink Blogs together.
Here are the oldies (meaning they've been around since roughly 2005):
I believe The Last Psychiatrist is the one of the oldest out there. 
Dr. Michelle Tempest has also been out there longer than we have on 
A Psychiatrist Who Learned From Veterans belongs to a Texas psychiatrist.  
Novalis blogs on  Ars Psychiatrica.
Turbo, over on May Shrink or Fade--- I forgot he existed, but he's blogging about how he lost 25 pounds doing air squats and eating beans, if you're interested.

Newer on the list:
Moviedoc blogs over on Behavenet and has an impressive list of stuff there.

Steve B. blogs on Thought Broadcast, definitely worth visiting.
Shrink Unwrapped, used to be the Oracle at D--she's now releasing her name and photo.
Danny Carlat blogs on the Carlat Psychiatry Blog

The Alienist (I'm not so sure about this handle, feels too ET-ish)
1boringoldman is a retired psychiatrist in Georgia who writes about his "political ravings."
David Allen blogs over on the Dysfunctional Family blog---or something like that. Good stuff, check it out.
There's kiddy stuff on Child In Mind
The Sports Psychiatrist-- self-explanatory, I think
Dr. Shock is a Dutch psychiatrist who is rather stimulating.
Dr. Steven Reinbord also has a shrinky blog.
Sizing Up the Shrink is the new kid on the block and we welcome him!
Dr. Psychobabble is another resident in training.

Let me give a plug to some local Maryland shrinks with blogs, folks we know:
Gordon Livingston is a psychiatrist and author who blogs on Psychology Today on Lifelines: Do check out his writing.
Roger Lewin is a psychiatrist, poet, and author.
Dean McKinnon is another Psychology Today blogger and author of  Trouble in Mind.
Meg Chisolm just started a blog on social media and medical education.

How'd I'd do?  If I missed you or someone you love, please let me know and I will update this post.
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