Thursday, August 11, 2011

NY Times: PTSD, 10 years later

On Wednesday, the New York Times ran an article on PTSD in New York City 10 years after the September 11th terrorist attacks.  In 10 Years and a Diagnosis Later, 9/11 Demons Haunt Thousands
Anemona Harticollis writes:

Because of lingering questions about the bounds of the PTSD diagnosis, which is only three decades old, people with mental problems are eligible only for treatment assistance, whereas people with physical ailments, in most cases breathing difficulties, qualify for both treatment and compensation. And money available to treat patients with the stress disorder might decline if the government concludes there is a link between certain cancers and 9/11, which would give cancer patients access to the same pool of money. Doctors are expecting a surge in PTSD patients with the coming 10th anniversary, as they have on each Sept. 11.