Friday, October 14, 2011

Podcast #62: Sooner Rather than Later

We talk about the following topics:

  • Roy asks listeners to suggest a topic for our next book (Dinah and Clink suppressed all urges to scream).

  • Professionalism and social media for physicians.  Roy refers to a post he wrote and Mark Ryan's discussion of the challenges of determining what is professional in social media. We ramble a lot and Dinah talks to much.  Here is the AMA policy on Social Media.  Should psychiatrists put their poetry and their political beliefs up on the internet? We don't talk about Google+ now, but we do talk about not talking about Google+ now.

  • Clink and Dinah argue about whether we (the Shrink Rappers) know a lot about social media.

  • We discussed how Dinah isn't sure she believes that psychiatric patients die an average of 25 years before people without mental disorders.  Roy referred us to this article on life expectancy in chronic mental illness.  Is earlier mortality due to antipsychotic use?  Is it due to lack of coordination of medical care?  ClinkShrink tells us that people with personality disorders die more of all causes and we talk about who the studies address.

  • We finally discussed Google plus-- is it going to add to medical social media or is a party that no one is going to?  Roy likes it better than Facebook & Twitter and he invites you to join his Shrink Rap readers' circle.  ClinkShrink predicts that social media will die and Roy disagrees.  He talks about the PatientsLikeMe website and an article on How Google+ Could Transform Healthcare.  

  • We digress to topics of electronic medical records and what to do if patients don't want to know their diagnoses or do want to see their medical records.  I do believe we could talk about this subject for all eternity.  We came close.

No clue why ClinkShrink titled this "Sooner Rather than Later."

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