Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please Pass the Chocolate

Ah, I didn't win the lottery.  So sad, I had such wonderful plans.

In this week's happiest of news, we learn that people who eat chocolate more weigh less.  Who know?  Yes, I went out and got me some chocolate, per the New York Times suggestion. 

Dr. Golomb’s study, published in Archives of Internal Medicine and financed by the National Institutes of Health, involved roughly 1,000 adults. The researchers looked at data on how often they exercised, the amount and type of calories they ate — including a breakdown of the types of dietary fat they consumed — and how their health and weight related to their chocolate intake. On average, the subjects were middle-aged, exercised about three times a week and ate chocolate about twice a week. There was no breakdown of the kinds of chocolate they ate, whether dark, milk or white.

The people who ate chocolate the most frequently, despite eating more calories and exercising no differently from those who ate the least chocolate, tended to have lower B.M.I.’s. There was a difference of roughly five to seven pounds between subjects who ate five servings of chocolate a week and those who ate none, Dr. Golomb said.

So nice to read something positive.  I'm still recovering from the sadness of learning that diet soda is bad for your heart (are there no guiltless pleasures?) and that red meat is also on the no-no list.  

Off to eat my chocolate....