Monday, July 30, 2012

Roy on the Diane Rehm Show Tomorrow and other Shrink Rapper News

Roy will be on the Diane Rehm show tomorrow at 10 AM Eastern Time, do tune in:

"The deadly Colorado shooting underscores the need to better identify, diagnose and treat people with mental illness. Diane and guests will discuss the future of mental health services under the Affordable Care Act."

Guests include Rachel Garfield from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Pamela Hyde from SAMHSA, and Richard Frank, the Harvard health economist. Links to the audio and transcript ARE HERE.

Clink blogs about psychiatry's obligation to be careful in talking about the Aurora shooter here.   

Roy blogs about health care integration here.   He's kind enough to tell us what health care integration is.

And Home Inspection is now on sale for $2.99 on Kindle here.