Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Boy Doctor / Girl Doctor

Jesse was reading my novel, Home Inspection, a story told through the psychotherapy of two patients.

"I was reading the chapter where Tom talks about decorating his new home, and I thought, 'No patient has ever talked to me in that kind of detail about such things.' "  

Really?  People tell me stories in a lot of detail, at least some do.  I started to think about it, do people talk to me in that detail.  Maybe not.  Then my next two patients came in. One talked about a favorite food that was on special at a grocery store and how they only stock it for certain seasons. The next talked about the seating arrangements (chair by chair) for a party she is organizing.  Yes, people talk to me in that kind of detail.

It left Jesse and I to wonder if there is some difference about our styles that people talk to us about a different degree of detail, or if people talk to female psychiatrists about different things than they talk to male psychiatrists about.  What do you think?