Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is There any Hope?

Over on Pete Earley's blog, he's posted a letter from desperate parents who can't get help for their son.  Pete, as you may know, is a former Washington Post reporter, author of many books, and a mental health advocate. Yesterday, Pete answered the letter with 10 suggestions.  He solicited a panel to take turns responding, and today, I'm the one with suggestions.  Here's the letter, then do surf over to Pete's blog and check out the responses, more will be coming all week.

Dear Pete,
We have tried to get our son professional help. I think he has bipolar disorder, although he possibly could have schizophrenia. We know he has an alcohol addiction. He has not cooperated with hardly anything, and we’ve been unable to get him to go to our local mental health center, although officials there said he is eligible for treatment.

We feel like our hands our tied. The few times that we’ve gotten him to a psychiatrist, our son denies that he is sick, won’t take his medicine, and is extremely hostile to doctors for the short time he’s being seen by them. We’ve had him in our house for several months with his erratic moods and high level of anger. Yesterday he asked to go to a homeless shelter and he is now on the streets. If we try to visit him, he runs away.
His dad and I are at the point where we feel resigned that there is no hope nor help for our son. The system has worked against us at every turn … and he needs help. People have recommended “he needs to hit rock bottom” and that we need to wait for him to *want* help. We simply don’t know what to do. Do we wait for him to hit rock bottom on the streets where we know he is not safe?
In our view, the mental health network has been ineffective at best, and is rolling the dice with people’s lives. Now we can see how barriers in the mental illness system keep people from receiving basic services. This has been hell for his dad and me, and I’m sure worse for our son.
If you have any advice please let us know.
-A concerned parent.