Sunday, November 11, 2012

You Need Help!

Maryland psychiatrist Mark Komrad has recently written a book called "You Need Help!"

The title says it all -- the book is about how to get help for someone who doesn't want help, or doesn't believe they need it.  

So I thought I'd bring our readers into the discussion here.

If you're a mental health clinician and one of your friends or patients starts to talk about someone they believe needs help, what suggestions have you made in your professional capacity that have proved to be helpful?

If you are the friend or relative of someone who needs help, but has resisted getting it, what have you done or said to propel that individual into treatment?

And finally, and perhaps most importantly --

If you're someone who didn't think you needed help, what got you into treatment?

Start commenting and Dr. Komrad has told me he will check in and converse with our readers in the comment section!